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Protecting your staff, and visitors against harm whilst on your premises, is a must for any business. Portable Appliance Testing is just one of many checks that can be done to have peace of mind that your electrical appliances are safe to use.

Some businesses are not fortunate enough to have qualified portable appliance testing staff to carry out checks on electrical appliances, and the only option is to find a company who can do so on your behalf.

There are many electrical and dedicated portable appliance testing companies who can carry out your checks, but in some cases their technicians have not been security checked or security screened. There have also been cases where some technicians are not even qualified to carry out Portable Appliance Testing.

Cerebral Security Solutions can provide qualified security checked portable appliance testing technicians. 

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We can support:
Our testing technicians will have been DBS checked and security screened and will have completed GDPR/DPA 2018 training.
Here at Cerebral Security Solutions, we go above and beyond to make sure our staff are of a high calibre, trained to a high standard and security checked and screened before sending them out to our clients.
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Portable Appliance Testing

What is Portable Appliance Testing?

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) – is a combined visual and electrical check carried out by our experienced technicians, to make sure electrical appliances are safe to use.

What Should be Tested?

Anything with one of the below pictured plugs attached to it, or electrical equipment that has a socket to plug a lead in which has one of the below plugs on, should be tested.

Test Equipment

All our testing equipment is top of the range and annually calibrated for accuracy.


Every appliance or lead will have a Pass or Fail sticker applied to it after inspection and testing. You will also be provided with a comprehensive test report of every electrical appliance you have; this can also be used as an asset log if required.

With over 20 years hands on experienced we provide a cost-effective professional service. We work with you to minimise disruption.

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