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Keyholding and Rapid Alarm Response Service

Keyholding is the responsibility of looking after keys for a business or organisation. Often this falls on a staff member.

The keyholder can be responsible for opening-up and locking down premises, alongside this they are the first point of contact in the case of an emergency, such as an alarm activation.

Many companies will have at least one keyholder, it is likely, the on-call keyholder will at some point, have been called out to an alarm activation or to open-up for a contactor at the most inappropriate time. This could be in the middle of the night or in the shower.

Take your keyholding responsibilities away from your staff and use a BS 7984 professional keyholding company.

By using our keyholding service you could save yourself hundreds if not thousands in standby, callout and insurance costs, and remove any risk to your staff.

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Benefits of Using Our Keyholding Service

Outsourcing your keyholding to a professional security company may be in your best interests.

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Alarm Response

Our trained keyholding staff are experienced in dealing with alarm activations and work closely with our in-house alarm receiving centre (ARC) to safely deal with any disturbances.

Upon arriving at your premises, our security officer will perform an initial visual assessment, before undertaking thorough external and internal patrols, liaising with emergency services and key stakeholders as and when required.

Having re-secured the building and reset the alarm, we will then provide you with a detailed real time electronic incident report.

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